Danny W.
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"MYPHYSIO completely got me back on track after having back surgery on a 12mm Herniated Disc in my spine. I don't have insurance and this if by far the most valuable option out there! When I first was evaluated post surgery I couldn’t walk straight and had almost no flexibility in my lower back. Mike found the most appropriate approach to help me get back to myself. At 6 months I can run a full sprint, jump, squat and do almost everything I thought I wouldn’t be able ever do again. What he taught me in just a small amount of time has prepared me to prevent injuries for the rest of my life! THANK YOU MYPHYSIO!!!!🙏🏻"
Bree D.
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"I would recommend MYPHYSIO to anyone. Dr. Mike is the most thorough and personalized PT experience I’ve ever had. I was suffering from a year of pain from shoulder impingement and a torn labrum that I couldn’t get relief from - Dr Mike started with a thoughtful and logical plan to increase my mobility and then focus on strengthening what was weak to ease the pain. I was feeling better in a few days and pain-free after a few weeks. A miracle!"
Erick R.
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"I got ORIF ankle surgery on november 25th 2020. I was estimated by another PT to be back to playing soccer in July. While i had a really good experience at another PT clinic, with Dr. Mike I felt more attentiveness with the rehab. Dr. Mike wrote down my goals & helped me achieve them one by one. My ankle is naturally still swollen from the injury. However, with the professionalism, great work ethic & attentiveness I got with his rehabilitation methods I was back to playing competitive soccer & weight lifting by May 2021. I was also jogging in April. I started working with Dr. Mike in the end of March and we really progressed with two sessions a week. He also still checks in with me & if I have any questions about specific workouts to strengthen my ankle or anything related to rehab he will give me tips or guide me the right direction. Very professional."
Andie B
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"MYPHYSIO truly cares for their clients. He was able to help drastically reduce the pain I experienced. My therapist also worked with my schedule and was willing to provide feedback and exercises for me to continue to do beyond our program! :)"